StartHub Workshop: Awesome Storytelling Session

“If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.”― Joseph Campbell

I was thinking to skip this evening workshop in StartHub when looking at to a-lot-of-still-need-to-be-digested-material for next week exam and a feeling of too lazy to attend which was emphasized by last wednesday coaching that resulted lot of critics and comments which, to be honest, loosen my desire in finding market opportunities here in europe. But then, half an hour before the workshop started, pictures and messages came into my whatsapp group from other team member containing information they got about price comparison and ideas related to benchmarking product. So I told to my self ‘hey, how you dare to not coming when they show that kind of spirit?’ so in few minutes I changed my mind. I immediately got ready. Took my bike and pedaled quickly to vijfde polder. Oh I heart you Roos, Harry, and good luck for the pitching tomorrow Dhimas!

Me with Tessa Weber, my favourite trainer
in Sustainability Course held by StartHub Wageningen

In one of my favourite book written that when you really want something in your life, universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. As I experienced many many things that firstly I thought those all were accidentally proved that, so whether I like it or not, I start to believe that words. Surely they work that way in God will. And suddenly, it seemed again happened this evening.

After the workshop finished I felt that, well, I will really feel sorry to my self once I know this workshop is actually one of my most favourite among all by far. At the beginning when the workshop started I already felt so grateful that I made a decision to attend, as the topic was discussing how to build story as a tool for marketing our product, and this part is where I put my major contribution at. So at that session, after having a short discussion with Roos combined what I wrote with her constructive idea, I delivered stories of how I made acquaintances to team, of how the history of seaweed in Nusa Penida grows together with tourism development in these last five years, also how our team made a decision of making seaweed soap. I did do thing I really love to do, then after I finished, unexpectedly we received fruitful inputs from the trainer which turned into a new hope <3

If I may write here a saying of Steve Jobs that we have to trust by connecting the dots they will somehow connect us to the future, so this lady, Tessa Weber, is one of my precious acquaintance I met today that I believe one among all of the ‘dots’. At this moment writing this, I still feel so relief I made decision attending this evening workshop which brought me a rendezvous with fruitful inputs. So again and again, I was being reminded of what I need to realize is that the universe keeps revolving, and we need to be always ready and be patient to sense signs and omens left around.

Faidza ‘azamta fatawakkal ‘alallah

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