About Me

Have a nice dinner! *hobinya icip icip makanan* (photo of SG)

Hi all!
My name is Retno Nuraini, people usually called me Reni, or Raini lately – a new nickname once I started my master study in the Netherlands, as maybe Raini sounds more familiar in my foreigner friend’s ear (is it?). I was born in a small town located in Central Java Province, Indonesia, surrounded by hills and mountains, where most of the time I saw greenery, enjoying fresh air of pine trees, and only a tiny part of my pre-college life I breathed the air around coastal area. But then it was in my sixth semester during my bachelor study when I experienced a whole hearted acquaintance to marine life, where since then until today I bump myself into marine things.

After graduated from my bachelor study in biological science, I worked for a Non – Governmental Organization in Bali related to coral reef conservation and two years after I proposed a resignation, then started to build an organization with my two other friends, named Nusa Berdaya, that focussing in building business together with local people where for the last two years we develop a natural body care product, and centered our activity in our Production House located in Toyapakeh Village, Nusa Penida – Bali. At this moment, I am continuing my study in the Netherlands while keep supporting Nusa Berdaya.

I have big interest in aquaculture science, social business development, and sensing and observing human kindness around (an odd thing? but I actually do :p)

Here I write  in english and in bahasa, and puting tag of #english for my particularly english writing. So, hopefully you may take an advantage from here and may you have a pleasant reading!